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How to Create a Document Folder in a Nintex for Office 365 Workflow

I could’ve sworn there was a Create Folder action, and I could just configure it to simply create a folder in a SharePoint document library. Apparently, there is not, at least not in Nintex for Office 365.

You can however create an empty folder with an “Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set” action.

First, you need to make sure you have both “Allow management of content type?” and “Make ‘New Folder’ command available?” set to “Yes” in your document library’s Advanced Settings. Find these options from the document library page gear icon, Library settings, Advanced settings. 
In your Nintex for Office 365 workflow, find the Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set action in the Actions pane. It’s possible that the regular Create List Item action would work also, but I got this one to work first. You will have to provide the Destination site URL and Connection settings for this action. The URL is simply the URL to the SharePoint site that you can get from the address bar of your browser when viewing the document library.
Furthermore, you will need to supply the following setting values: 
  • List or document library, which is the name of your document library. I just used the SharePoint default library, “Documents”.
  • Folder can be left blank.
  • Fields need to include “Content Type”, “Title”, and “Name”. To set up each of these fields, you will need to enter the Field, select the Type, and enter a value. Click “Add field” as needed to add the second and third fields.
    • “Content Type” should be type ContentTypeId and given the value “Folder”.
    • “Title” should be type Text and contain any value because it is a required field. However, the value supplied will not be used as far as I can tell.
    • “Name” should by type “File” and contain the name for your new folder. In my screen capture, I used the name “New3 Name” as the name of the folder to create.

That’s the trick! Note if you leave out the Title or don’t have something else set up right, often the result is that the workflow will be suspended. See the information icon in the workflow history page to get an error message that might help you find the problem.
Much of this article has been distilled from a post in the Nintex Community, “Create Folder with Office 365 Create List Item,” 1/20/2017, credit to users bdenison, TomaszPoszytek, and navik.

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