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TekDog Mask Control for Nintex Forms

The TekDog Mask Control provides a text field control for your Nintex form that you can bind directly to your SharePoint list/library much like a standard Nintex text field, plus a lot more.

TekDog Mask Control

As 2016 ended, we reflect on all we have accomplished in 2016.  I’m very proud of my team at TekDog, and all we have accomplished from a product development standpoint in 2016.  Not only did we launch our first software product, CivicXpress, we have also made great strides in creating controls for Nintex Forms that empower Form Designers to create more powerful solutions than are typically possible using SharePoint and Nintex.  Our flagship control, TekDog Sub Form, empowers designers to create and maintain parent child relationships in SharePoint using Nintex Forms on-premise.  Although I wish I could say our journey has been easy, it was far from it.  Countless hours of hardcore development have made our team crazy as well as very proficient in creating Nintex form controls.

One control I am exceptionally proud of is our TekDog Mask Control.  This control provides a text field control for your Nintex form that you can bind directly to your SharePoint list/library much like a standard Nintex text field…however there is much more under the hood.  Our control allows you to apply a mask to the control similar to the functionality provided by Microsoft Access and other applications where you could apply a mask or expected format for the field. 

As an example, you have a field on your form and you want it to be an email address.  There is no default “Email” data type for SharePoint.  This makes trying to enforce a format difficult and would require the user to write a custom validation with a regular express. Ugh, what a PIA!!  Using our TekDog Mask Control, this process is super easy.  Drag control, set the mask to be email… bind it to your SharePoint column, DONE!  When a user enters data in the field we provide the masking in real-time including providing a custom validation message that runs when you tab off the field, not on document submission.  That’s right, we did that, and you’re going to freaking love it!

As a form designer, I could see using this control on almost every text field on my form.  I have the added advantage of doing data validation without writing a rule OR setting a custom validation for the control.  Also, because our control runs in real-time, the user is notified immediately when the data does not meet the predefined mask. This is unlike typical SharePoint behavior, which only runs validation when we submit a record (totally lame SharePoint!).  Here are the mask types we have available in version 1 of our control:


  1. Alphabetical

  2. Alpha Numeric

  3. Character Limt

  4. Currency

  5. Custom RegEx Validator

  6. Custom Validation by Example

  7. Date and Time

  8. Date Only

  9. Email Address

  10. Exponent Notation

  11. Facebook

  12. Geolocation

  13. Hashtag

  14. Instagram

  15. International Phone Number

  16. International Postal Code

  17. LinkedIn

  18. Numeric

  19. Percent

  20. Phone Number with Dashes

  21. Phone Number with Parentheses

  22. Postal Address

  23. Social Security Number

  24. Text

  25. Time Only

  26. Twitter

  27. US Postal Code

  28. Website

  29. Word Limit


Our first version of the control ships with over 29 pre-defined masks as well as the ability to set your own, which basically gives you endless custom masks for your forms. 

So what about cost?  The TekDog Mask Control ships as part of our TekDog Productivity Form Controls annual subscription.  Our subscription model is simply amazing as it includes all our initial release controls as well as any other controls we release during your subscription.  You can find pricing on the product page

Trust me, you want these controls.  Why do I know this?  Because we use Nintex and SharePoint every day… and every day we yell, scream, and throw temper tantrums because of the limitations of SharePoint.  These controls were designed to make our job easier while working on projects… so why not share the love and make your solutions easier to use while making them more powerful to work like “real” applications.  To learn more about our controls please visit our website


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